Sunday, February 17, 2008

TiTaNiC hOkKiEn VeRsIoN

>>>Hokkien Titanic
>>>Scene 1:
>>>Jack: Hey chio eh? Me teach you an chua fly,
want or not?
>>>Rose: Mai lah. I scare leh.
>>>Jack: No need scare leh, lai i teach you.
>>>Rose: Don't lar, me really scare leh.
>>>Jack: Lai lar, stand on the railing, then I hug
>>>Rose: Like thet huh?
>>>Jack: Yah, then hor, spread ur arms... Wah
lau eh, why so smelly one?
>>>Rose: Kan ni na...You say my armpit smell ah!
>>>Jack: Wah I bey tar han already lar!
>>>Jack fainted & both fell into the sea..

>>>Scene 2:
>>>One fine day, late at night, Jack Duakang was
on the deck of Titanic when he heard some loud
footsteps. He looked to see what was going on,
and he saw a super chio about to jump off the
deck. He walked over and tried to persuade her not
to jump.
>>>Jack: Chio eh, lee si an zua? So late dun
sleep do what? What's your name?
>>>Rose: My name is Mei Ku, but people call me
>>>Jack: Nah Beh...Why you so chio, but your
name like the mamasan at Zhong Guo Chen
(China City).
>>>Rose: Shut up lah you, I now want to jump.
>>>Jack: Why jump? Siao ah you, so chio jump
for what?
>>>Rose: Aiyah why you so kaypo? I jump you
>>>Jack: Wah lau, don't lah aiyah.
>>>So Jack continued to persuade her for a few
hours. After three hours...
>>>Jack: Eh don't jump leh, don't lah, siao ah you?
>>>Rose: Aiya, you talk for three hours liao, buay
sian meh??
>>>Jack: Ya lor, i think oso a bit sian liao. So,
please lah, don't jump lah..
>>>Rose: Shut-up I am really jumping liao.
>>>Jack was tired, so he stopped persuading...
>>>Rose: I really jump ah, really ah? Really ah?
Really leh. I am not joking leh, I jump ah!!!
>>>Jack was very du lan after wasting so much
time. So, he kicked Rose's Ka Cheng and sent her
into her watery grave.
>>>Jack: Nah Beh, want to jump, jump lah. NAh
beh wasste my time.
>>>Then Jack turned around and he saw the
second most beautiful girl on the ship...
>>>Jack: Oei chio eh, what's your name?
>>>Hibiscus: Me Hibiscus lor. I saw you kick my
sister.Hahahahahahhh! Thank you hor. She always
steal my boyfriends one.
>>>So Jack and Hibiscus live happily ever after...