Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Here comes the pictures!

more can be found from HERE =)

Worklog for Lumina =)

Mod Details

Case Mod Name: Lumina
Deviser and Builder: Luciano Cezimbra (aka Design_Master)
Building Period: April/2007 to Sept/2007
Hours Worked: 1080h
Main Material Used: Smoked, Foggy and Clear Acrylic Shapes
Shape Thicknesses Used: 2-15mm
Number of Acrylic Pieces Involved: 14 Structural Ones + 100 Complementing Ones
Final Dimensions Reached: 520mm Height x 285mm Width x 545mm Length
Additional Modded Items: VGA Cooler and Power Supply Unit
Lighting Items: Blue LEDs, Blue LED Fans, Blue Cold Cathode and UV Cold Cathode

Main Innovative Parts

01 Front hinged door
02 Lateral hinged doors
01 Acrylic main panel
01 Hinged PCI slot plate system
04 Acrylic foot stands
01 USB acrylic protection
04 Corner protections
02 Acrylic nameplates
01 Acrylic VGA cooler
01 Acrylic Power Supply Unit

Hardware System

Intel Core 2 duo E6550 processor
Intel DG33FBC motherboard
4GB RAM memory 800MHz DDR2 Dual
Modded Radeon X1950 PRO*
Modded 550W Power Supply Unit*
Cooler Master Eclipse CPU cooler
Samsung HD 120GB SATA2
LG DVD drive

MillionDollarPC 011!

The Worklog for 028!

MillionDollarPC 028!

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L4D comic xD

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haha...nothing to do.. Fan Grill Designs =P