Sunday, February 17, 2008

Dear PeakKuan...Loving You Forever till Eternity (My Memories of Her)

I am writing this as a remembrance to my dearest friend who is very important to me, her name is Esther Wong Peak Kuan for full, she passed away yesterday evening around 5pm (20.4.2005), PeakKuan, I miss you so much, eventhough we did not meet each other a lot, I always have thought about you and wished to call you sometimes but was scared to disturb you. When you were working, I always wanted to miss call or even call you to have a lil chat but dared dear PeakKuan, you are the only one that makes me feel myself, I can do things comfortably when you are is like you are my elder sister or even my loved one...PeakKuan, I Love You so much! I'll cherish the moments being with you, although it is for a short time, I'll remember those times, being with you makes me so in peace my dear...I hope you will have a wonderful life in your next life....I Love You dear......You Will Always Be In My Heart... Forever till the day i die...