Thursday, June 21, 2012

My New Desktop (ComingSoon)

Purchased my new Desktop from Cyntrix Technologies in KL
The following is the Specifications of my new Desktop =)

1. Intel® Core™ i5-2500K Processor (6M Cache, up to 3.70 GHz)

2. Asus Sabertooth Z77

3. XSPC Rasa 750 RS240


4. Special Edition White Graphite Series™ 600T Mid-Tower Case


5. Professional Series™ Gold AX850 (80 PLUS® Gold Certified Fully-Modular Power Supply)


6. G.Skill SNIPER F3-12800CL9D-8GBSR2 (2 Units)


7. Western Digital Caviar Green Power AV-GP 2TB 3.5" Hard Disk Drive

8. 128GB Crucial m4 2.5" Solid State Drive SATA 6GB/s






Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Rare Monsters [Location/Drops][OLD]

Name : Archeart
Level : 21
Location : East Traitor's Ridge
Rare Drop : Bat Necklace

Name : Sarasvati
Level : 27
Location : Bearded Whale Coast
Rare Drop : Rainbow Shell

Name : Sarasvati
Level : 27
Location : Bearded Whale Coast
Rare Drop : Rainbow Shell

Name : Huge Starry
Level : 31
Location : Kalygon Fleet
Rare Drop : Starfish Ring

Name : Usar
Level : 38
Location : Marinae , Palmir , Belkan , Skypie Sanctuary
Rare Drop : Shackle of Curse

Name : Myrdal
Level : 41
Location : Crasdencent Cavern , Mining Area , Culvert
Rare Drop : Tunnel pill

Name : Marduk
Level : 45
Location : Valid Reath , Volcano Ash Hill , Magma Coral Fields , Fiery Abyss
Rare Drop : Skeleton Bandage ,
Low Grade Undead Handbook

Name : Angry Ribibit
Level : 45?
Location : Petrified Swamp
Rare Drop : Froggy Pill

Name : Protoscous
Level : 49
Location : Elligator Swamp , Smoldering Swamp
Rare Drop : Coating Oil

Name : Atlas
Level : 51
Location : Ocher Forest
Rare Drop : Gold Beetle Pendant

Name : Toute
Level : 52
Location : Vine Forest , Pinecone Knoll
Rare Drop: Acorn Bag

Name : Spore Spider Barrier
Level : 50
Location : Grasswind Hills
Rare Drop: Explosive Powder

Name : Hineyken
Level : 48
Location : Foggy Track
Rare Drop:

Name : Aesir
Level : 55
Location : Forgotten Forest
Rare Drop : Mimir Shaman Ring

Name : Proxima
Level : 56
Location : God's Sanctuary , Crumbled Haven , Keyron Shrine
Rare Drop : Blue Metal Piece , Crystal of Hatred

Name : Angry Pooka Choppi
Level : 52
Location : Ruined Remains
Rare Drop : Explosive Powder

Name : Vanir
Level : 58
Location : Sleepy Slum
Rare Drop : Stack of Banana , Sliced Pineapple

Name : Andvari
Level : 60
Location : Siren Woods
Rare Drop : Yeti Belt

Name : Yubel
Level : 63
Location : Grand Hall
Rare Drop : Earring of Darkness

Name : Aswan
Level : 64
Location : Machina Center
Rare Drop : Ring of Darkness

Name : Dark Burst
Level : 65
Location : Lucid Terrace
Rare Drop : Necklace of Darkness

Friday, June 11, 2010

Hokkien L1~

Hokkien - Gua
Sentence - Gua si Lin Lao Bu.

Hokkien - Lu
Sentence - Lu si kiam pah si bo?

Hokkien - Gua Eh
Sentence - Ji khor Yandao si Gua Eh.

Hokkien - Kang Khor
Sentence - Wa biang koon bo gao si beh Kang Khor.

Hokkien - Jin Jia
Sentence - Hee Khor jiao lang Jin Jia buey Steady.

Hokkien - Kia Lit
Sentence - Kia Lit si pah ho lu si ar bo gua um si Ah Lim!

Hokkien - Pun Lai
Sentence - Pun Lai si beh pah ho lu si eh *knn*, heng ma tah lai kiu lu.

Hokkien - Hee Bang
Sentence - Gua da bai ma Hee Bang gua dio Beh Bio.

Hokkien - Diak
Sentence - Mas Selamat si jin jia gao zao, mah tah diak buey dio.

Last Night
Hokkien - Zhor Me
Sentence - Zhor Me lu wu pah chew cheng bo?

Hokkien - SiMi
Sentence - Simi Dai ji??!!

Bastard/Bird Man
Hokkien - Jiao Lang
Sentence - Diam la! Heh khor Jiao Lang lai liao.

Hokkien - Sa La
Sentence - Jialat, kia Sa La lor liao la.

Hokkien - Gong
Sentence - Si Sam Pat char si lang Gong ani zway wei.

The Other Half
Hokkien - Siao Eh
Sentence - Woon Siao Eh kia lit pang seh gua kaki ji khor ke Sentosa Pah volleyball. Excuse liao liao la ki sit si *nabey* ke kua cheng bikini eh chiobu.

Hokkien - Yandao
Sentence - Woon Siao Eh ai gong leh, si buey pai kua, peng Yandao eh ok. Lu ke Sentosa kua di khor xiong Yandao fit fit eh pah volleyball, diu si woon siao eh liao la hahahaha

Hokkien - Chio
Sentence - Gua si buey pai seh la, gua zai gua ma si peng Chio eh. WAHAHAHAHA

Thank You
Hokkien - Gam Sia
Sentence - Sin ah, ho gua dio jit cheng ban eh ToTo ok, Gam Sia. Huat Ah!!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Thursday, May 06, 2010



Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mad Day!

You'll see all of this in my room xD

My mom's room~rofl!

Posters lol!! xD

What I Bought at MIT Tech today ^^

Packaging for the new 2GB rams ^^
(Actually, the 1GBs are inside..i took this picture after fitting the new 2GB in my laptop lol...)

1GB rams~ ^^

New 2GB PC2 6400 DDR2 800Mhz rams for my laptop =)
bought 2 of it~

Well this is how my laptop looks like below ^^

Few Days at KL~

Yummy Food Outside of Lowyat ^^
A Must Visit!!!

Drools~~~~ hahaha

Making use of building!!

Friday, April 02, 2010

IceCream Cake from GoldVision

^^v Yummy~

Lasagna LoL~

Mom, Sister and Me tried making some lasagna~