Thursday, August 06, 2009

May u readers laugh like mad

Joke 1
Boy goes 4 Blood Test. Nurse takes the sample but can't find cotton so she
Sucks his Finger!
Boy is so happy he asks, Can I gat a Urine Test also?

Joke 2
Do u know why guys fart louder? Because in between his legs, there is
1 microphone & 2 speakers.

Joke 3
A wife asks hubby how many women he had slept with? Husband proudly replies
only u darling; with others I was awake!

Joke 4
A man ask doc. how to live longer?
Doc ask him : U Smoke?
Ans : No
U drink?
Ans : No
U play mahjong?
Ans : No
U like sex?
Ans : No
Then U want to live so long 4 what?

Joke 5
Phone rings & maid picks up phone as her master is bathing.... When the caller asked what is he doing,
the maid replied "mastur bating"