Monday, April 14, 2008

wahahaha today's stuff at work

Mercedes SLR ^^v

The Sultan of Perlis's car lols...

The Sultan of Perak's car hehehe...and his birthday is coming soon!! =P

what i usually do in the workshop ^^

this is an engine from Mercedes Benz turbo u know!! waliuuuu!


suemay said...

hoh.....nice pictures..
One day when you drive one of this..ngeh ngeh ngeh must take me around too..~

don't always post so much pictures la~~.. must write about you also wan ma.. >.<

Take care..
Happy blogging~ XD haha

neVen said...

Woot!! Didn't know you have nice cars to fix. That's really cool!! And btw I was here. Hehe. Haven't catch up with you for ages dude. How you've been? Take care and enjoy life!